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  • Start Time: Friday, 12 February 2016, 19:00
  • Event Type: Conference

On the 12th of February 2016, Mikhail Yakovlevich Gelfat a recognized expert in the field of drilling delivered a lecture on the topic; “Modern technologies for tackling complications during construction of oil and gas wells” in Ukhta State Technical University (USTU) as part of the SPE Regional Lecturers framework. Issues discussed during the lecture were; Advanced technology for preventing complications during construction of wells, controlled pressure drilling, casing drilling, and well overlap technology(without sacrificing diameter). The lecture aroused great interest amongst the audience which included; industry specialists, lecturers and students of Ukhta State Technical University. During his visit, Mikhail Y. Gelfat took part in the first SPE Seminar: «Well Construction in the North» and also got to pay visits to the USTU Oil and Gas Museum and USTU Polygon.

 Background: Mikhail Yakovlevich Gelfgat (PhD) is a recognized expert in the field of drilling. His work as an expert includes; five Russian patents, three US patents and more than 10 author patents. In September of 2015, he celebrated 50 years of service in the oil industry. His biography is an example of devotion to science. He began his working life in 1965 as a programmer in a laboratory of machines and mathematical studies. He then rose from being an engineer to chief design engineer in the department of drilling technology and later served as Head of the deepwater drilling sector. Heading the laboratory of well construction for special purposes is also part of his professional achievements. Since 1991, Mikhail Yakovlevich Gelfgat has been serving as Chairman Board of Directors and General Director of «Aquatic» Ltd. He also served in Weatherford as Director of Research and Development (R&D) and engineering in Russia. He has published over seventy articles and reports on drilling technology, including forty in English. In collaboration with his father Y.A. Gelfgat and Y.S. Lopatin, they published two volumes: «Innovative solutions in drilling - Lessons of the former Soviet Union» (Advanced Drilling Solutions - Lessons from the Former Soviet Union), published by PennWell Publishing in 2003.

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