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Thursday 17th of December 2015 witnessed the commencement of the III Arctic Seminar «WAY TO THE ARCTIC» - Challenges and prospects of developing its hydrocarbon reserves

Similar seminars for professional and student members of SPE are usually held separately. But on this occasion, a decision to join forces from both sides for the sake of achieving a unified brainstorming front was made.

Georgiy Buslaev a Candidate of Technical Sciences titleholder who is also the Chairperson of SPE Timan-Pechora Professional section noted that during the development of the Russian section of the Arctic shelf it is necessary to take into account the complexity of its geographical, climatic and ecological conditions, which in turn require the use of innovative approaches for exploration, development and exploitation of oil and gas fields. These technologies need to be developed and tested in Arctic conditions in close cooperation with industrial, scientific, engineering and educational organizations with close proximity to it in addition to employing innovative infrastructure and relevant practical experience (cluster development).   

This “cluster development” should basically be a significant body of international research dealing with scientific and technical information, the spread of which is precisely the mission of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) International. The SPE Seminar («Way to the Arctic» - Challenges and prospects for the development of hydrocarbon reserves) can serve as an informative platform for the above mentioned theme.

The main objectives of the seminar are:
-setting of actual problems related to the development of the Arctic shelf,
-involving lecturers, students and young scientists towards resolving those problems, and
-identifying talented young people for research activities.

During the plenary session of the III Arctic Seminar, several reports by recognized experts were presented. In particular, the director of the USTU Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Vasiliy Zykov made a presentation on "The Doctrine of safe development of Arctic resources «the doctrine of BORA»” based on the triadic model for innovative economic development in the various regions of Russia. Also, Aleksandr Salnikov an Associate Professor from the department of Pipeline Engineering at Ukhta State Technical University presented a report titled; “methods and means of combating accidental oil spills in the Arctic offshore”.

With immense interest, interns and engineers listened to the reports presented by guests at the seminar. Valeriy Pystin who is the Chief Engineer of the company "Ukhta Drilling" a branch of LLC "Gazprom Drilling" spoke on the topic; «The experience and the complexity of drilling in the Arctic with examples from experiences at OOO "Gazprom Drilling" facilities». The branch head of LLC "Gazprom VNIIGAZ" in Ukhta Alexander Kuzbozhev reported on the results of research related to the effectiveness of thermal insulation coatings on Bovanenkovo-Ukhta pipelines in frozen ground areas. Other young researchers were also able to present their reports during the seminar at the numerous thematic sections available.

 Evaluating the results of the seminar, the Chairperson of SPE Timan-Pechora Professional Section Georgiy Buslaev commented that; “It should be noted that «Way to the Arctic» seminar was broadcasted live for the first time over the internet, and thanks to that initiative those who couldn’t come to Ukhta were able to follow the seminar on Arctic research. In particular, the regional director of the SPE Russian and Caspian region Anton Ablaev praised the level of the event and expressed his regret for not been able to attend the seminar in person due to the rescheduled date of the seminar.

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In St. Petersburg at the Scientific and Technical Centre of JSC "Gazprom Neft" a lecture on the topic: "The concept of the construction of wells using ERD in the Russian Arctic", took place based on the "SPE Regional lecturers” framework. It was read by the Head of Well Design, Project monitoring and supervision at the Institute of Oil and Gas Ukhta State Technical University (USTU), head of the SPE Timan-Pechora Section, Associate Professor at HSE and Drilling Engineering departments of the Ukhta State Technical University George Buslaev.

The report contained proposals and scientifically sound solutions for the drilling of horizontal wells with large vertical deviation for the development of resources in the Arctic. In particular, the XXI century concept of drilling units with inclined towers was also suggested. Construction of its surface and borehole components was as well displayed. The necessity for creating additional force on the wellhead and at the well annulus to provide uniform output of the drill bit was also featured in the report. Calculation of the profile and load characteristic of the drilling systems for drilling at a length of 15,000 m and a depth of 1,500 m of horizontal laying wellbore was also carried out. The expediency of its application with the intention of carrying out tests on the borehole drill bit feeder was also established in the report. A specific sample method for determining the depth of the horizontal wellbore under the seabed, on the basis of preventing rock fracture and mud water pollution was also proposed and tested. A physical and mathematical model of heat and mass transfer in wells been drilled for the study of the control parameters during the opening of gas hydrates, drilling and completion in permafrost zones was also proposed in the report. The problem of significant reduction in the accuracy of standard measurements of the trajectory parameters of the trunk during the drilling process linked to a decrease in the values ​​of the horizontal components of the magnetic fields magnetic storms impact in the high Arctic was analyzed in the report with solutions to solving it also made available. The young scientist’s report and he himself aroused great interest amongst the Saint Petersburg oil engineers.

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The National Mineral Resources University "Mining" this autumn hosted the VIII conference of the Russian-German mineral commodities Forum. The main theme was the prospects of partnership between the two countries in the mineral commodity sector. The representatives of the SPE Timan-Pechora section took part in the organization and the activities of the conference which also included the rector of USTU Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences N. D. Skhadaya who moderated the section ‟ Resources and environmental protection: technological, economical and legal aspects". Ph.D. S.A. Leontiev and Ph.D. G.V. Buslaev the Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation and the Head of the well design department of USTU respectively presented a paper titled "Russian-German scientific and educational cooperation in the development of methods for utilization of associated petroleum gas".

 The regular Russian-German forum on natural resources consumption was founded on the 10th of October 2006 by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Russian President Vladimir Putin. During the nine years of its existence it become an influential professional platform, where in the form of an open dialogue the strategic issues relating to the effective use of raw materials, innovative, educational and scientific development of both countries are debated.

 Exquisite housewarming

  The opening ceremony was held in the new multi-purpose student complex "Mining". The facility was built "from the scratch" and opened its doors only just of recent. Russian-German mineral resources Forum was the first major event held within its perimeters. Amongst the participants were a lot of students (both Russian and German) who were privileged to get a great opportunity to share experiences, discuss topics related to their scientific work, better understanding of each other’s mentality and reaffirm to themselves the necessity of the course: policy for friendship and good neighborliness. This year given the difficult political environment, the conference more than ever before received the status of a more current event. In fact, today it remains the only significant social event where both parties can discuss complex issues affecting the relationship between Russia and Germany in the fields of ensuring stable supply of raw materials to European consumers and in the geopolitics. Guests at Forum from the Russian side were about 700 people - Russian business and science elites, as well as members of the Government of the Russian Federation. The German contingent had in it more than 300 prominent public and political figures, heads of large companies and enterprises, well-known scientists and politicians who were clearly focused on friendship and good neighborly relations between the two countries.

Word for Russian universities

In addition, delegates at the forum signed a number of cooperation agreements which notably included the agreement between the Mining University, the Bavarian chemical cluster (Chemie-Cluster Bayern GmbH) and the Bavarian competence center for the development of industrial sites (Bavarian Competence Center for Site Development) for the establishment of the Russian-German center of competence in the field of mining and minerals with a representative office in Germany. The Competence Center is designed to help optimize oil and gas production, processing of mineral raw materials in Russia and developing new industrial clusters for the mining of solid mineral resources. According to both parties, the centre will make a significant contribution towards the sustainable industrialization of Russia and will also facilitate access to the Russian market for German companies.

At the same time, the new structure will simplify the framework for access to world markets for specialized domestic companies that will demonstrate willingness to cooperate with the Centre.

One of the tasks of the Competence Centre will be the identification of specific technological needs of specialized industries and the organization of technological exchange in order to optimize and improve the quality of production facilities in Russia. Partners will be able to obtain a whole range of services - from consultation to support from the project "full construction".

The intellectual potential will be provided by Russian universities which form part of the consortium of mineral resources universities in Russia and a number of higher education institutions in Germany. Amongst those universities are; Technical University of Munich which has joined the body of organizers, as well as Freiberg University of Mining and Technology, with whom Ukhta State Technical University has established strong business ties.

 Participants at the Russian-German Mineral Resources Forum are convinced that it is a very promising project bearing huge potential. After all, one of the key factors for the success of any cluster is international cooperation founded on openness with emphasis to collaboration and cooperation. The clear objective – the development of economic relations between the two countries despite the momentary political situation on ground is the cornerstone of the Russian-German Mineral Resources Forum. Signing the agreement for the establishment of competence in the field of mining and minerals - is one of the practical steps for the implementation of this postulate.

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The scientific-innovative forum "SorokINN" passed in September in Syktivkar. It was organized with assistance of Open University of Skolkovo. The goal of the forum is to attract scientists and researchers to work in innovative and scientific-technical sphere, making a liaison between innovators and a business environment, selecting perspective projects and helping in involving investors for their realization. Timan-pechora section of SPE was represented by Georgy Buslayev, Stanislav Avtamonov and Dmitry Boreyko. The head of delegation was Sergey Aleksandrovich Leontyev, Doctor of Engineering, and since the beginning of new academic year, the Vice Rector for Research of the Ukhta State Technical University.

Stanislav Avtamonov, the active participant of SPE Timan-Pechora Section, shared his impressions about a forum: "Our delegation made a furor at  forum by offering to participants, in my opinion, the most interesting and powerful projects. First of all, at the USTU stand was presented activity of Timan-Pechora SPE student's section in the field of oil engineers international cooperation. Within the framework of common initiative of EU countries and Russia in processing of associated gas, residents of Ukhta managed to come into especially strong contacts with scientists from Mountain Academy of Freiberg (Saxony, Germany) and specialists from Polish Society of Coal Processing. Our stand was located very successfully — at the entrance of show room. All forum participants passed by us, and the majority of them was considering our exhibits with interest . We drew attention to ourselves by wearing white helmets with SPE symbolic and by telling with enthusiasm about SPE work and about our oil and gas projects, such as plant, which is processing oil and gas carbon-bearing waste, the bottomhole device for drillbit supply, hydrodynamic simulator for modeling of fields of heavy oil, etc."

Sergey Leontyev noted: "We have certain achievements about which are not shame to tell: Timan-Pechora section of SPE for a second year in a row becomes the winner of award for excellent work (President’s Award for Section Excellence), and the student's section (Ukhta State Technical University Chapter) for the first time was noted for outstanding merits (Outstanding chapter award 2015). Every year the number of its members increases: both students and professional oil and gas engineers. Within SPE the leading world experts regularly come to our university with lectures. Youth delegations of other SPE sections also come to USTU. Our young scientists went abroad more than once. Nowadays, the previous president of the SPE student’s section, Yury Voloshchuk, does postgraduate studies in Mountain Academy of Freiberg, and he is a link, between our higher education institutions. At the end of September, current president of USTU student's section - Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov, and a head of professional section, Candidate of Technical Sciences - Georgy Buslaev, went to Houston (USA), where they took part in a work of the international conference ATCE 2015. Very much was made in recent years for realization of chances, which gives membership in Society of oil and gas industry workers. In particular, thanks to systematic work and supporting of Moscow office in receiving a grant, today we have access to electronic library "OnePetro", in which funds are collected articles, about the wide range of production problems, processing and transportation of hydrocarbons, written by SPE members (and not only) from around the world".

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