Write on Friday, 17 March 2017 Published in Events USTU Chapter

There were elections for the presidency of the SPE in the business incubator in March 17. As a result of the pre-election meetings, 3 candidates for the main position of the SPE Chapter were identified: Rashid Mesreb (second-year student of BS), Yamov Yuri (first-year student of PEMG) and Azizov Kenan (second-year student of PG). Speeches were given by each of the candidates while election process. They expressed their thoughts about the future development of Chapter. All speeches were held at a high level. All the candidates agreed the opinion that one of the main problems is the organization's asset to promote science and hold meetings of foreign lecturers with students of the USTU to improve their qualifications and motivation in their studies. As a result of the event, Rashid Mesreb became Chapter's president for 2017. After the election the whole asset was invited in the office to discuss further actions within the electoral program and the appointment of the most active members of the SPE. The work is already boiling and it means that the choice was made correctly. Let's look at the results at the end of the year.

Write on Friday, 31 March 2017 Published in News SPE Timan-Pechora Section

 From 31st March - 1st April 2017, our section organized and financed a two-day visit by Riverson Oppong, Chief Editor of «SPE TIMES», SPE lecturer, Senior Member of the organizing committee of the World Oil Youth Council and a young specialist at Lukoil International. He presented a lecture and soft skills training on SPE paper writing. The lecture was presented in English and translated to Russian by George Buslaev, the Chairperson of the section. His lecture theme; "The Arctic in the Global Perspective - Resources", was very informative and drew interest from the attendees thanks to the fact that Ukhta State Technical University (USTU) the core educational and scientific institution in our region is at the forefront of Russian Arctic research. As the lecture was devoted to solving the problems of developing the Arctic, which is very important from a Russian Federation thanks to its rich oil and gas deposits. Many student members of USTU SPE Student Chapter in attendance also got the chance to ask questions pertaining to the Arctic.

Also, the soft skills training on writing good articles for scientific conferences was very interactive and practical. It gave our members the opportunity to hear from an insider about how to make good impression on the selection committee and about opportunities for scientific work relevant to SPE mission. The training was aimed at preparing section members, invited professionals and university students in attendance to face interviews confidently and increase their chances of success in them. Riverson as part of the training taught us how to groom ourselves for interviews, build a rapport with the interviewer and answer questions diligently. The training also exposes to mock interview practice sessions. Being able to actively listen to others and articulate your ideas in writing and verbally to any audience in a way where you are heard and you achieve the goals you intended with that communication. This also includes language skills if the spoken language at work is your second language. With regards to networking, he spoke about being able to be interesting and interested in business conversations that motivate people to want to be in your network.  The bigger and stronger the network you have, the more easily you can get things done (e.g., find a job, get advice, find business partners, find customers, etc…)

In conclusion, this type of training was the first of its kind to be carried out as part of the section’s activities. Our section members and invited guests all went away with great benefits from listening to such a seasoned motivational speaker and industry professional.