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 From 31st March - 1st April 2017, our section organized and financed a two-day visit by Riverson Oppong, Chief Editor of «SPE TIMES», SPE lecturer, Senior Member of the organizing committee of the World Oil Youth Council and a young specialist at Lukoil International. He presented a lecture and soft skills training on SPE paper writing. The lecture was presented in English and translated to Russian by George Buslaev, the Chairperson of the section. His lecture theme; "The Arctic in the Global Perspective - Resources", was very informative and drew interest from the attendees thanks to the fact that Ukhta State Technical University (USTU) the core educational and scientific institution in our region is at the forefront of Russian Arctic research. As the lecture was devoted to solving the problems of developing the Arctic, which is very important from a Russian Federation thanks to its rich oil and gas deposits. Many student members of USTU SPE Student Chapter in attendance also got the chance to ask questions pertaining to the Arctic.

Also, the soft skills training on writing good articles for scientific conferences was very interactive and practical. It gave our members the opportunity to hear from an insider about how to make good impression on the selection committee and about opportunities for scientific work relevant to SPE mission. The training was aimed at preparing section members, invited professionals and university students in attendance to face interviews confidently and increase their chances of success in them. Riverson as part of the training taught us how to groom ourselves for interviews, build a rapport with the interviewer and answer questions diligently. The training also exposes to mock interview practice sessions. Being able to actively listen to others and articulate your ideas in writing and verbally to any audience in a way where you are heard and you achieve the goals you intended with that communication. This also includes language skills if the spoken language at work is your second language. With regards to networking, he spoke about being able to be interesting and interested in business conversations that motivate people to want to be in your network.  The bigger and stronger the network you have, the more easily you can get things done (e.g., find a job, get advice, find business partners, find customers, etc…)

In conclusion, this type of training was the first of its kind to be carried out as part of the section’s activities. Our section members and invited guests all went away with great benefits from listening to such a seasoned motivational speaker and industry professional.  

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On the 14th of April 2016, Ukhta State Technical University opened its doors to participants at the VI National Youth Innovation Convention "Youth - the future of the Republic of Komi". 

The Convention is aimed at identifying and supporting talented youth, creating conditions for them to display their creative abilities, enhancing youth participation in science and promoting scientific and technical creativity of the youth. The organizers of the convention were the Ministry of Education and Youth Policy of Komi Republic and FSBEI HE «Ukhta State Technical University».

At the Convention 130 projects were submitted under the five disciplines available: natural sciences, engineering sciences, information technology, social sciences and humanities and economic sciences. Educational institutions present included; Ukhta State Technical University, Syktyvkar State University named after Pitirim Sorokin, Syktyvkar Institute of Forestry, Syktyvkar Commerce and Technology College, Syktyvkar Humanities and Education College named after Kuratov, Syktyvkar College of Forestry, School №1 for the in-depth study of specific subjects (Syktyvkar), and Schools №2 and № 10 (Ukhta).

USTU SPE Student Chapter performed a great and difficult job in creating an exhibition stand. At first, the idea of the USTU SPE Student Chapter exhibition stand seemed almost impossible as the idea was conceived exactly ten days before the start of the convention. But our team so determined to realize this ambitious project went ahead and made it a reality. We faced a lot of difficulties and problems right from the first phase of the project but each and every one of us understood that we had no room for error. Virtually, the team worked round the clock leaving no chance for an unsuccessful completion. Thanks to our clearly stated objectives, efficiency and well-coordinated teamwork, we managed to create a great professionally manufactured exhibition stand as confirmed by Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov USTU SPE Student Chapter President. 

The exhibition stand attracted a lot of attention from experts, participants and guests not only for its fresh design but also for the innovative projects presented by student members of the USTU SPE Student Chapter and professional members of SPE Timan-Pechora section. The overall project theme was "Technology and equipment for the development of hydrocarbon reserves in the Arctic Shelf and the Far North". Recognition of outstanding projects took place at the end of the convention. Successful amongst them was one of the projects of our exhibition stand; "Development of land based drilling facilities for drilling horizontal wells using ERD technology on the Arctic Shelf," by Ovchinnikov Vyacheslav Alexandrovich and Gomzyakova Raisa both students of Ukhta State Technical University. Also during the exhibition, discussions and talks took place with representatives of companies and organizations with regards to joint projects and future plans. 

The USTU SPE Student Chapter exhibition stand was established with the support of the SPE Timan-Pechora Professional Section with financial support also provided by OOO "Research and Design Institute of Oil and Gas USTU".

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On the 13th of April 2016, the conference hall of NIPI of Oil and Gas USTU hosted the first workshop of the project "Associated Petroleum Gas" based on the framework of the EU program ERA.Net RUS Plus. It was attended by representatives of the Ukhta State Technical University, Freiberg University of Mining and Technology (Germany), Institute of deep processing of coal Zabrzhe (Poland), OOO «LUKOIL-Ukhta Oil Refining», LLC «USTU-Invest» and Deputy General Director of «Research and Design Institute of Oil and Gas USTU»  Eldar Berdiyev. The event was historic in all aspects and forms. The participating scientists from the three countries will be conducting research in the field of utilization of Associated Petroleum Gas. The problem is relevant to many oil companies as fines for gas flaring are constantly growing likewise regulations are getting tougher.

The technology we're working on now, allows for the processing of Associated Petroleum Gas into more useful products - gasoline, diesel, kerosene and various oils that can be used in the production - said Yuri Voloschuk an academic researcher at the Freiberg Academy of Mining and Technology (graduate of Ukhta State Technical University, ex-employee of PING USTU and former President of USTU SPE Student Chapter).  He added that the mining academy has two large plants which currently allows for it to be done but would like to introduce a modular design of the equipment in order to facilitate its transportation to remote locations. The aim of our project is development of a new process chain for APG utilization to obtain a motor fuel and a feasibility study which would confirm that this technology can be cost-effective in the conditions of the Russian Far North.

Research and Design Institute of Oil and Gas USTU will serve as the project coordinator while scientists in Germany and Poland will simulate the technology to be employed. The team in Ukhta will be providing the necessary data to carry out an economic analysis of the market and form the database of promising deposits. As scheduled, the project will last for two years and is going to be funded by a grant.

The supervisor of the international project and Chairperson of SPE Timan-Pechora Section George Viktorovic Buslaev highlighted that: “The first joint discussion of the project on utilization of associated petroleum gas with the representatives of all parties took place in NIPI of Oil and Gas USTU. In international business slang language, such an event is called «kick-off meeting» - an expression borrowed from football, where at the beginning of the match, the ball is put into play by a strike from the center of the field. Thus the "center of the field" in this case has become our city- Ukhta. The meeting also provided an opportunity for all the parties to present their individual activities and achievements.


In addition, discussion took place about the possibility of cooperation within the framework of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation’s program aimed at attracting leading scientists, a plan for further projects was drawn, as well as the frequency of intermediate video-conferencing. Scientists from Germany and Poland were able to visit the Ukhta refinery, inspect USTU auditoria, got acquainted with the projects presented at the Youth Convention before its opening, and even descend into the mine at Yaregskaya field. The next meeting of the project is scheduled to take place in six months time during visits to our partners in Poland and Germany.

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In St. Petersburg at the Scientific and Technical Centre of JSC "Gazprom Neft" a lecture on the topic: "The concept of the construction of wells using ERD in the Russian Arctic", took place based on the "SPE Regional lecturers” framework. It was read by the Head of Well Design, Project monitoring and supervision at the Institute of Oil and Gas Ukhta State Technical University (USTU), head of the SPE Timan-Pechora Section, Associate Professor at HSE and Drilling Engineering departments of the Ukhta State Technical University George Buslaev.

The report contained proposals and scientifically sound solutions for the drilling of horizontal wells with large vertical deviation for the development of resources in the Arctic. In particular, the XXI century concept of drilling units with inclined towers was also suggested. Construction of its surface and borehole components was as well displayed. The necessity for creating additional force on the wellhead and at the well annulus to provide uniform output of the drill bit was also featured in the report. Calculation of the profile and load characteristic of the drilling systems for drilling at a length of 15,000 m and a depth of 1,500 m of horizontal laying wellbore was also carried out. The expediency of its application with the intention of carrying out tests on the borehole drill bit feeder was also established in the report. A specific sample method for determining the depth of the horizontal wellbore under the seabed, on the basis of preventing rock fracture and mud water pollution was also proposed and tested. A physical and mathematical model of heat and mass transfer in wells been drilled for the study of the control parameters during the opening of gas hydrates, drilling and completion in permafrost zones was also proposed in the report. The problem of significant reduction in the accuracy of standard measurements of the trajectory parameters of the trunk during the drilling process linked to a decrease in the values ​​of the horizontal components of the magnetic fields magnetic storms impact in the high Arctic was analyzed in the report with solutions to solving it also made available. The young scientist’s report and he himself aroused great interest amongst the Saint Petersburg oil engineers.

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The scientific-innovative forum "SorokINN" passed in September in Syktivkar. It was organized with assistance of Open University of Skolkovo. The goal of the forum is to attract scientists and researchers to work in innovative and scientific-technical sphere, making a liaison between innovators and a business environment, selecting perspective projects and helping in involving investors for their realization. Timan-pechora section of SPE was represented by Georgy Buslayev, Stanislav Avtamonov and Dmitry Boreyko. The head of delegation was Sergey Aleksandrovich Leontyev, Doctor of Engineering, and since the beginning of new academic year, the Vice Rector for Research of the Ukhta State Technical University.

Stanislav Avtamonov, the active participant of SPE Timan-Pechora Section, shared his impressions about a forum: "Our delegation made a furor at  forum by offering to participants, in my opinion, the most interesting and powerful projects. First of all, at the USTU stand was presented activity of Timan-Pechora SPE student's section in the field of oil engineers international cooperation. Within the framework of common initiative of EU countries and Russia in processing of associated gas, residents of Ukhta managed to come into especially strong contacts with scientists from Mountain Academy of Freiberg (Saxony, Germany) and specialists from Polish Society of Coal Processing. Our stand was located very successfully — at the entrance of show room. All forum participants passed by us, and the majority of them was considering our exhibits with interest . We drew attention to ourselves by wearing white helmets with SPE symbolic and by telling with enthusiasm about SPE work and about our oil and gas projects, such as plant, which is processing oil and gas carbon-bearing waste, the bottomhole device for drillbit supply, hydrodynamic simulator for modeling of fields of heavy oil, etc."

Sergey Leontyev noted: "We have certain achievements about which are not shame to tell: Timan-Pechora section of SPE for a second year in a row becomes the winner of award for excellent work (President’s Award for Section Excellence), and the student's section (Ukhta State Technical University Chapter) for the first time was noted for outstanding merits (Outstanding chapter award 2015). Every year the number of its members increases: both students and professional oil and gas engineers. Within SPE the leading world experts regularly come to our university with lectures. Youth delegations of other SPE sections also come to USTU. Our young scientists went abroad more than once. Nowadays, the previous president of the SPE student’s section, Yury Voloshchuk, does postgraduate studies in Mountain Academy of Freiberg, and he is a link, between our higher education institutions. At the end of September, current president of USTU student's section - Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov, and a head of professional section, Candidate of Technical Sciences - Georgy Buslaev, went to Houston (USA), where they took part in a work of the international conference ATCE 2015. Very much was made in recent years for realization of chances, which gives membership in Society of oil and gas industry workers. In particular, thanks to systematic work and supporting of Moscow office in receiving a grant, today we have access to electronic library "OnePetro", in which funds are collected articles, about the wide range of production problems, processing and transportation of hydrocarbons, written by SPE members (and not only) from around the world".