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Write on Tuesday, 24 November 2015 Published in News SPE Timan-Pechora Section

In St. Petersburg at the Scientific and Technical Centre of JSC "Gazprom Neft" a lecture on the topic: "The concept of the construction of wells using ERD in the Russian Arctic", took place based on the "SPE Regional lecturers” framework. It was read by the Head of Well Design, Project monitoring and supervision at the Institute of Oil and Gas Ukhta State Technical University (USTU), head of the SPE Timan-Pechora Section, Associate Professor at HSE and Drilling Engineering departments of the Ukhta State Technical University George Buslaev.

The report contained proposals and scientifically sound solutions for the drilling of horizontal wells with large vertical deviation for the development of resources in the Arctic. In particular, the XXI century concept of drilling units with inclined towers was also suggested. Construction of its surface and borehole components was as well displayed. The necessity for creating additional force on the wellhead and at the well annulus to provide uniform output of the drill bit was also featured in the report. Calculation of the profile and load characteristic of the drilling systems for drilling at a length of 15,000 m and a depth of 1,500 m of horizontal laying wellbore was also carried out. The expediency of its application with the intention of carrying out tests on the borehole drill bit feeder was also established in the report. A specific sample method for determining the depth of the horizontal wellbore under the seabed, on the basis of preventing rock fracture and mud water pollution was also proposed and tested. A physical and mathematical model of heat and mass transfer in wells been drilled for the study of the control parameters during the opening of gas hydrates, drilling and completion in permafrost zones was also proposed in the report. The problem of significant reduction in the accuracy of standard measurements of the trajectory parameters of the trunk during the drilling process linked to a decrease in the values ​​of the horizontal components of the magnetic fields magnetic storms impact in the high Arctic was analyzed in the report with solutions to solving it also made available. The young scientist’s report and he himself aroused great interest amongst the Saint Petersburg oil engineers.