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Write on Thursday, 17 December 2015 Published in Meetings

Thursday 17th of December 2015 witnessed the commencement of the III Arctic Seminar «WAY TO THE ARCTIC» - Challenges and prospects of developing its hydrocarbon reserves

Similar seminars for professional and student members of SPE are usually held separately. But on this occasion, a decision to join forces from both sides for the sake of achieving a unified brainstorming front was made.

Georgiy Buslaev a Candidate of Technical Sciences titleholder who is also the Chairperson of SPE Timan-Pechora Professional section noted that during the development of the Russian section of the Arctic shelf it is necessary to take into account the complexity of its geographical, climatic and ecological conditions, which in turn require the use of innovative approaches for exploration, development and exploitation of oil and gas fields. These technologies need to be developed and tested in Arctic conditions in close cooperation with industrial, scientific, engineering and educational organizations with close proximity to it in addition to employing innovative infrastructure and relevant practical experience (cluster development).   

This “cluster development” should basically be a significant body of international research dealing with scientific and technical information, the spread of which is precisely the mission of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) International. The SPE Seminar («Way to the Arctic» - Challenges and prospects for the development of hydrocarbon reserves) can serve as an informative platform for the above mentioned theme.

The main objectives of the seminar are:
-setting of actual problems related to the development of the Arctic shelf,
-involving lecturers, students and young scientists towards resolving those problems, and
-identifying talented young people for research activities.

During the plenary session of the III Arctic Seminar, several reports by recognized experts were presented. In particular, the director of the USTU Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Vasiliy Zykov made a presentation on "The Doctrine of safe development of Arctic resources «the doctrine of BORA»” based on the triadic model for innovative economic development in the various regions of Russia. Also, Aleksandr Salnikov an Associate Professor from the department of Pipeline Engineering at Ukhta State Technical University presented a report titled; “methods and means of combating accidental oil spills in the Arctic offshore”.

With immense interest, interns and engineers listened to the reports presented by guests at the seminar. Valeriy Pystin who is the Chief Engineer of the company "Ukhta Drilling" a branch of LLC "Gazprom Drilling" spoke on the topic; «The experience and the complexity of drilling in the Arctic with examples from experiences at OOO "Gazprom Drilling" facilities». The branch head of LLC "Gazprom VNIIGAZ" in Ukhta Alexander Kuzbozhev reported on the results of research related to the effectiveness of thermal insulation coatings on Bovanenkovo-Ukhta pipelines in frozen ground areas. Other young researchers were also able to present their reports during the seminar at the numerous thematic sections available.

 Evaluating the results of the seminar, the Chairperson of SPE Timan-Pechora Professional Section Georgiy Buslaev commented that; “It should be noted that «Way to the Arctic» seminar was broadcasted live for the first time over the internet, and thanks to that initiative those who couldn’t come to Ukhta were able to follow the seminar on Arctic research. In particular, the regional director of the SPE Russian and Caspian region Anton Ablaev praised the level of the event and expressed his regret for not been able to attend the seminar in person due to the rescheduled date of the seminar.