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Write on Thursday, 10 September 2015 Published in News SPE Timan-Pechora Section

The scientific-innovative forum "SorokINN" passed in September in Syktivkar. It was organized with assistance of Open University of Skolkovo. The goal of the forum is to attract scientists and researchers to work in innovative and scientific-technical sphere, making a liaison between innovators and a business environment, selecting perspective projects and helping in involving investors for their realization. Timan-pechora section of SPE was represented by Georgy Buslayev, Stanislav Avtamonov and Dmitry Boreyko. The head of delegation was Sergey Aleksandrovich Leontyev, Doctor of Engineering, and since the beginning of new academic year, the Vice Rector for Research of the Ukhta State Technical University.

Stanislav Avtamonov, the active participant of SPE Timan-Pechora Section, shared his impressions about a forum: "Our delegation made a furor at  forum by offering to participants, in my opinion, the most interesting and powerful projects. First of all, at the USTU stand was presented activity of Timan-Pechora SPE student's section in the field of oil engineers international cooperation. Within the framework of common initiative of EU countries and Russia in processing of associated gas, residents of Ukhta managed to come into especially strong contacts with scientists from Mountain Academy of Freiberg (Saxony, Germany) and specialists from Polish Society of Coal Processing. Our stand was located very successfully — at the entrance of show room. All forum participants passed by us, and the majority of them was considering our exhibits with interest . We drew attention to ourselves by wearing white helmets with SPE symbolic and by telling with enthusiasm about SPE work and about our oil and gas projects, such as plant, which is processing oil and gas carbon-bearing waste, the bottomhole device for drillbit supply, hydrodynamic simulator for modeling of fields of heavy oil, etc."

Sergey Leontyev noted: "We have certain achievements about which are not shame to tell: Timan-Pechora section of SPE for a second year in a row becomes the winner of award for excellent work (President’s Award for Section Excellence), and the student's section (Ukhta State Technical University Chapter) for the first time was noted for outstanding merits (Outstanding chapter award 2015). Every year the number of its members increases: both students and professional oil and gas engineers. Within SPE the leading world experts regularly come to our university with lectures. Youth delegations of other SPE sections also come to USTU. Our young scientists went abroad more than once. Nowadays, the previous president of the SPE student’s section, Yury Voloshchuk, does postgraduate studies in Mountain Academy of Freiberg, and he is a link, between our higher education institutions. At the end of September, current president of USTU student's section - Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov, and a head of professional section, Candidate of Technical Sciences - Georgy Buslaev, went to Houston (USA), where they took part in a work of the international conference ATCE 2015. Very much was made in recent years for realization of chances, which gives membership in Society of oil and gas industry workers. In particular, thanks to systematic work and supporting of Moscow office in receiving a grant, today we have access to electronic library "OnePetro", in which funds are collected articles, about the wide range of production problems, processing and transportation of hydrocarbons, written by SPE members (and not only) from around the world".