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There were elections for the presidency of the SPE in the business incubator in March 17. As a result of the pre-election meetings, 3 candidates for the main position of the SPE Chapter were identified: Rashid Mesreb (second-year student of BS), Yamov Yuri (first-year student of PEMG) and Azizov Kenan (second-year student of PG). Speeches were given by each of the candidates while election process. They expressed their thoughts about the future development of Chapter. All speeches were held at a high level. All the candidates agreed the opinion that one of the main problems is the organization's asset to promote science and hold meetings of foreign lecturers with students of the USTU to improve their qualifications and motivation in their studies. As a result of the event, Rashid Mesreb became Chapter's president for 2017. After the election the whole asset was invited in the office to discuss further actions within the electoral program and the appointment of the most active members of the SPE. The work is already boiling and it means that the choice was made correctly. Let's look at the results at the end of the year.

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On the 8th of February of each year, "Science Day" which is dedicated to the founding of the Academy of Sciences is celebrated in Russia. As we know, science is the main driving force for progress, the most important resource for the development of the nation’s economy, medicine, education and social services. Hence, economic growth, the creation of new high-end jobs and improvement of the quality of life of millions of people directly depend on the achievements made by scientists.
On this significant day, the Ukhta State Technical University (USTU) Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Student Chapter organized a lecture for high school students at USTU with the sole aim of raising awareness and interest in the younger generation with regards to the oil and gas industry. Participants at lessons and subsequent experiments, as well as university students who volunteered at the event were presented with symbolic gifts.
At the beginning of the event, experiments showing; "perforated well casing", "Hydraulic fracturing" and "Peak oil production" were carried out. The students in attendance actively participated in them and displayed a great interest in the oil production process.
During the lecture, the participants also had the privilege to get acquainted with the various Heads of Departments at Ukhta State Technical University. They gladly told them about the processes of oil production, refining and transportation, as well as geological prospecting for prospective hydrocarbon deposits.
In conclusion, the event was very successful and gave the students present the opportunity to showcase their full potential. In turn, Ukhta State Technical University (USTU) Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Student Chapter in its capacity as an educational body promised to support this initiative and is ready to continue working with high schools on various programmes of high educational value.

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The traditional International Youth Scientific Conference «SeverGeoEcoTech-2016» kicked-off on the 23rd of March 2016 in Ukhta State Technical University lasting for two days. For the fourth consecutive year, undergraduate and postgraduates students of leading Russian universities submitted their reports to the section of "Offshore Oil and Gas engineering on the Arctic shelf".

Organizers of the scientific forum are; Ukhta State Technical University, the SPE Timan-Pechora Professional Section and USTU SPE Student Chapter which contribute significantly to the development of the oil and gas industry.

In the section "Offshore Oil and Gas engineering on the Arctic shelf", nineteen papers were presented this year on various topics - from the process for producing a synthesis gas from hydrocarbon feedstock to geotechnical monitoring of linear structures. Among the participants were undergraduate and postgraduate students from Ukhta, St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk and Vorkuta.

President of Ukhta State Technical University SPE Student Chapter Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov noted that each year the standard of the reports was increasing, while also marking this year’s conference as great. As the conference progressed, the participating youths began to feel more confident, hence listening to their work was also interesting as noted by the jury. It is worth noting that the works were well researched and not mere abstracts as it sometimes happens at student conferences. For students participating in such a significant scientific forum this was a great opportunity for them to evaluate their work and acquire valuable research experience. Thanks to the existing USTU index system, each participant could earn extra points to their scores in the mentioned system as a result.

Of course, such large-scale work with young student researchers is always in need of strong support, and because of that the “Research and Design Institute of Oil and Gas USTU” always comes to the rescue; allocating the necessary funds and staff to work with the students and supervise their scientific research.

The support rendered by Society of Petroleum Engineers(SPE) is additionally expressed by the fact that work of the section was chaired by the Chairperson of the SPE Timan-Pechora Professional Section Georgiy Viktorovich Buslaev, with assistance from his colleague and co-chair Aleksandr Salnikov who was also the advisor to the young students.


The results of the SPE sponsored section “Offshore Oil and Gas Engineering on the Arctic shelf” were announced on the 24th of March 2016. The winning paper; "Development of composite fiber-optic material based coupling equipment for the repair of pipelines in the Arctic shelf" belonged to the participant Aleksandra Valasova a student of Ukhta State Technical University. Second place went to Nadezhda Titova and Gulshat Shakirov both students of Ukhta State Technical University who presented a paper titled; "Method for analyzing the rate of corrosion of steel offshore structures in the Offshore Russia". Third place went to Srbuyi Bagdasaryan (Ukhta State Technical University) for her work titled "Development of magnetic cleaning scraper to remove solid deposits from offshore export pipelines". Laureates winners Pavel Kiyan, Maria Kiyan, Aleksandr Moroz, Trukhonin Kirill and Knyazev Vladislav (all members of Ukhta State Technical University SPE Student Chapter) also got recognition and awards. Each and every participant was awarded with diplomas and memorable gifts of LLC "Research and Design Institute of Oil and Gas UGTU". The scientific works of the young scientists which stood out will be published in the print materials of the conference.