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On the sidelines, the Russian-German Forum in St. Petersburg hosted the 5th Gas Forum at which SPE was represented by a delegation of 8 students who are members of the Ukhta State Technical University SPE Student Chapter. The delegation was led by the Director of the Institute of Geology, Oil and Gas production and Pipeline Transport, officer in-charge of SPE Timan-Pechora Section scholarships, candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences Natalia Demchenko.

"North Stream-2" already at the start

While opening the conference, the Board chairman of the company "Gazprom" Alexey Miller stressed that the rate of gas consumption in Western Europe will keep growing. For example, additional fuel will be needed for operating power stations which Russia is ready to provide their raw materials for. Exporting them will be done through the northwest, which for another pipeline - "North Stream" understudy will be laid through the Baltic Sea.

Discussions about the present and the future of the oil and gas industry continued on discussion platforms at the Forum. The main theme of discussion at the panels and roundtable meetings was bilateral partnership in the commodity sector. Delegates at the Forum focused their attention on the need to maintaining a trustful relationship between both countries. According to the participants, it will increase the level of energy security of European consumers, and form the basis for future cooperation between the two countries. Our region is closely associated with the project "North Stream-2" because its key part is the major pipeline "Ukhta − Torzhok-2", whose construction Alexey Miller already gave go-ahead for later on October 27 at the industrial site of Sosnogorsk LUMT LLC "Gazprom Transgaz Ukhta" on the command of Russian President Vladimir Putin.


The round table discussions featured issues such as the current state and prospects of Russian-German academic and scientific cooperation, environmental protection and the use of new technologies. Unique cars powered by gas (whose peculiar characteristic is: every kilometer covered theoretically costing one and half times less than gasoline counterparts) which participated in a rally across Russia were displayed to us at an open arena. Other machines displayed included; ground-clearing machines, buses and even models for rally.

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